Blue Goat Theatre was founded in 2018 by writer, Fiona Leonard. Our productions explore the human condition in all its messy, humorous splendour. Based in Düsseldorf, Germany, Blue Goat Theatre  champions diversity and inclusiveness both on stage and behind the scenes.  

 Our plays are populated with a diverse mix of characters because in our experience, people who love their families or fight with their families, who want to get married, or are eternally single, people who fight or fall head over heels in love at first sight, all tend to fall pretty neatly into a box labelled 'people'.  And we think that box has room enough for everyone.

We believe theatre as an art form is more relevant and more needed now than ever. It offers a rare and sacred space where people are forced to turn off their phones, sit in silence and just absorb what is going on around them. It also remains a place of magic in a world where we are bombarded with 24 hour news cycles. There in the dark, a deal is struck between the performers and the audience - if I tell you this broomstick handle is actually a forest, will you believe me? It is an unspoken contract, negotiated and renegotiated by a room full of strangers time and time again. What is created, we create together.

Our People

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Fiona Leonard

Writer / Director/ Producer

Fiona has  a deep affinity for theatre which was ignited when she first walked on stage at the age of seven as one of a multitude of children in a production of the King and I. Since then she has seized every opportunity possible to either be onstage or behind the stage. She has worked with theatre companies in Australia, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Germany, performing, crewing, writing, directing and producing. Since moving to Germany in 2015 she has written, directed and produced three full length plays - two for English Theatre Düsseldorf and one for Blue Goat Theatre. She founded Blue Goat Theatre in 2018 to promote original works in English and foster inclusive and representative theatre.


Daniel Hees

Director/ Writer/ Actor

Daniel teaches, directs and acts in German and English theatre and has been doing so for more than a decade. From Pratchett to Kafka, from scripted to improv, there is no aspect of drama he is not passionate about - which is why he couldn't be more excited to be part of the Blue Goat! He lives in Duisburg, Germany.


Shaheryar Shah


Originally from Pakistan, Shah moved to Germany in 2005. His first theatre performance in Germany was playing Duke Felmet in DUET’s (Duisburg University English Thespians) production of Wyrd Sisters by Stephen Briggs & Terry Pratchett. Shah has acted regularly with DUET and other local companies in the Düsseldorf area in Germany for the past decade. He has trained with Stageworks in Ireland and currently lives in Duisburg, Germany.


Anna Trier


Anna has been performing for over fifteen years. Her time on stage has been augmented by acting and theatre pedagogy workshops and drama clubs in German and English.  She is currently training to become a drama teacher at Grend in Essen.  She lives in Bochum, Germany.