But that’s just how men are… Isn’t it?

Two guys are rehearsing a play: a play portraying glorious achievements of some historical men. Heavy techno beats accompany the beating, the torture, the war. But something isn’t right. Something goes awry. All this is somehow not so glorious and manly after all, not the way they imagined it. Old wounds and memories come back to haunt them, memories they both really aren’t in the mood for at the moment. As men don’t feel, men don’t cry, men slap on a plaster and march ahead. But why? How does it affect them? And how does it affect the society?

Männer_Legenden asks these questions. And Männer_Legenden suggests answers. No clear or concrete answers, as they might not even exist. But our very own and personal answers.

Coming soon to a theatre near you!