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Improv Workshops

In this series of workshops, we will explore the skills of improvisation in a down-to-earth, fun way and introduce the important concept that the secret of improvisation lies in the relationship between the performers and their connection to the audience. 

Some people fear improvisation because they worry about what will happen – will they be clever and witty enough and not just freeze up? The workshop will explore ways to rid yourselves of this fear and find something inside you that is authentic and in the moment. 

Beginning with physical and verbal improv games and exercises, we will move towards techniques for creating scenes, either based on a simple outline or entirely out of thin air. Based on the principles of Viola Spolin, Keith Johnstone, and the arts of Commedia, we will be looking to personify the meaning of collaboration.

If you enjoy working as part of a team and like the idea of letting go and creating something out of nothing then this is for you! 

Workshop is limited to 10 places.

The workshops will be led by Shah, a theatre practitioner with more than a decade’s experience.

Participant requirements:

  • Fluent in English

  • Age 18+

  • Comfortable clothing

  • Ready to jump in and play :)


Dates: 12 sessions starting 11.09.2019. Every Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm.

Address: Franklinstr. 50, 40479 Düsseldorf

 Fee: 60€/month (4 sessions) OR 165€ if you pay for all 12 sessions in advance.

Student/Refugee discount: 40€/month (4 sessions) OR 110€ if you pay for all 12 sessions in advance.


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